Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden, Cape Town

Hello everyone!

A quick update from South Africa. On our second day here we went to Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, which is one of the worlds most beautiful gardens. Since our schedule was tight, we only spent an hour there, but Kirstenbosch is a place where you can easily spend a whole day and it’s a terrific place for a picnic. The back drop with Table Mountain is just magical and the landscape is magnificent. There are over 7000 species in cultivation, including many rare and threatened species.
The park also have sculptures big as life-sized dinosaurs which made me feel like I’m walking around in Jurassic Park, without being scared of getting eaten.

10 Random Things You Didn’t Know About Me

1.) When I was 19, I lived in a church for 3 weeks.
2.) I have a scar on my lip from the time I was 10 and fell off my bike and hit my front tooth in the ground.
3.) I like to ride on crazy roller coasters.
4.) I’m pretty good at all racket sports but I suck at soccer. I’m afraid of the ball and I don’t like when people chase me to catch it.
5.) I have watched Titanic over 25 times.
6.) I ended a date by saying that I had to go home to feed my guinea pigs.
7.) I’ve never had any pets and definitely no guinea pigs.
8.) I don’t drink coffee.
9.) As long as I get a window seat, I can sleep the whole flight.
10.) I’m competitive and I like to compete, but I don’t like losing, especially against my husband.

Closet Organizing

We went to Ikea the other day and bought a new closet. We live in a small apartment with limited space but here is a few images I found on pinterest of beautiful closets with lots of space. Maybe one day I will have a big walk in closet a la Carrie Bradshaw. :)

My new closet will be delivered on the 15th and before that I want to clean out my current closet. Now I thought of sharing some of my organizing techniques with you.

Every now and then I throw out/give away things I don’t use.

My closet is divided into groups, which means I put pants together, tops together, tennis clothes together etc.

I coordinate each group by color. Colors go from light to dark and patterns go behind solid colors.

I don’t put things I have worn back in the closet. If it’s dirty it goes in the laundry bag and if it’s clean I hang it out in the balcony for a while and then back in the closet. That way it just feels fresher.

 If you have any great closet organizing ideas, please share them with me.

Thanks for reading!

Cuba 2015 – Part 1

Hi everyone!

As many of you know, few weeks back my husband and I spent some time in Cuba. Cuba had been on my Bucket list for many years and I really wanted to go before the embargo was lifted. That is why I was super excited to finally get to visit that beautiful country. Maybe you are as curious about Cuba as I was and maybe you are planning your Cuba trip as we speak. In that case, I hope my experience can be helpful to you.

So let me tell you about our trip.

The first 2 nights we were staying at a hotel, but then moved to a Casa Particular perfectly located in the city of Havana. The government owns the hotels in Cuba so if you want your money to go to the people, and if you really want to experience the real Cuba I suggest you to live at one of the many Casa Particulars which means you will be renting a room in someone’s house. Our room was big and felt more like an apartment, with kitchen and bathroom and was much nicer than the hotel room we spent our first two nights in. A big plus was that we got to meet and spend time with the sweet woman owning the house and her cute little grandson.

We did a lot of walking in Havana. Every street is beautiful, colorful and exciting and the whole city feels like a big museum with beautiful architecture, cathedrals and an amazing castle. I can’t remember ever taking so many beautiful pictures of doors and walls and of course cars as I did in Havana.
I love how lively the streets are and how friendly the Cubans are. They approach you and are curious of who you are and where you come from. They like to give you tips on where to go and what to see. They are very proud of their country, and you can feel their fighting spirit. I also found that Cubans, despite of having not lot of the materialistic conveniences that we are used to, they were still proud of what they did have. I think there is a lot to learn from the Cuban way of life.
Be happy with what you have and don’t just focus on what you don’t have.

Ok so let’s end it here for now as this post is starting to get way too long. But stay tuned for more about Cuba in upcoming posts.

Pineapple Fruit Bowl

Hi beauties,
It has been a long day with lots of tennis so I’m super tired and about to fall asleep. But before I say good night I want to share this easy and fun dessert with you guys. All you need is two pineapples and different fruits of your own choice. Cut out the pineapple and chop it into pieces. Then fill the pineapple with the fruits you have including the chopped pineapple pieces. That’s it, now enjoy this easy and healthy dessert. Good night and sweet dreams to all of you!