Mexican vibes

We have had another wonderful day here in Tulum. It’s going to be hard to leave this place, but we still have one day left so I will enjoy every second of it.

I am sure we will come back to Mexico again. I really want to visit my good friend Leticia who used to live in Mexico City but just recently moved to Guadalajara. She and I met years ago when I studied in Lyon. For years after I met her I had this dream that I would go to Mexico City to visit her and there I would find the love of my life and we would get married. I found my dream man and it turned out he didn’t live in Mexico.
I still dream of meeting my dear friend Leticia though, so next time in Mexico I will visit her together with my dream man.

Anyway here are a few pictures from today. We found this colorful bus and had to stop and take some pictures.

Matchy-matchy with the ocean

Good morning friends! We are having breakfast at this very moment. This post is about yesterday. The Internet connection here is not the best so I didn’t manage to upload this earlier.

Yesterday we started the day trying to snorkel in the ocean but the high waves made it so hard and exhausting so we ended up playing beach tennis instead.

We had lunch at a cute place here in Tulum. I was wearing this hat that I bought from a local shop. I’m actually wearing it almost all the time. It protects my face from the sun so I don’t get back home looking like a raisin.

I was wearing

Koton Top

Forever 21 Shorts

Prada Sunnies


Today we rented bikes and went to see the Tulum archaeological site. Tulum was one of the last cities inhabited and built by the Mayas. It served as a major port for the city of Cobá. If you ever come to Tulum, Mexico make sure to visit this place and try to get here as early as possible since the Tulum ruins are a popular tourist destination so it gets pretty crowded.
The view is just over the top. If it weren’t for the heat we would have stayed there all day long.

By the way, I know you all probably think that dinosaurs are extinguished. But guess what, here in Tulum there are a lot of mini dinosaurs. Crazy, I know! Someone has to change the history books.

Chillin in Tulum

Last day in Tampa

We are now in Tulum, Mexico, but before I share todays pictures I will tell you a little bit about our last day in Tampa, Florida.

I had an amazing time there and I really enjoyed every second of it. It was great to be able to play tennis everyday and I got to improve my game a lot. Our coach Justin was the best and he made it all even more fun. I accidentally happened to hit the ball at him and he said that for every time I hit him I owed him a beer.

I always get sentimental when I have to say goodbye to people and places that I really like. So the last day at Saddlebrook Tennis Academy was a little bit sad for me. I knew I had to say goodbye to Justin and knowing that I wouldn’t be able to train with him any more made me sad. As a goodbye gift we gave him a six-pack Corona and a card to thank him for everything he did for us. I think that made up for all those times I hit the ball at him :) I don’t know what he is doing tonight, but I hope that he at some point will sit down, relax and have a cold Corona beer with lime and think about us, his two favorite students ☺

Justin thought we should visit Clearwater beach before we left Tampa. So after leaving the Tennis Academy we drove there, took a walk around the area, admired the beautiful beach and the nice atmosphere and then went to our hotel so we could rest before our flight to Mexico. Florida I will see you again some day, but goodbye for now.