Cuba-Part 2

If you are into cars you should definitely visit Cuba. The whole country is like a big car museum. Everywhere you look, you see these beautiful old Chevrolet, Ford and Chryslers in different colors. Most of the cars are over 50 years old and it’s impressive how they still keep them running. Spare parts are hard to find and that is why Cubans use whatever materials they find to get their cars fixed. They don’t through anything away. If they don’t have the part they need, they ask a friend or a neighbor and if they can’t find exactly what they are looking for, they improvise to get the cars fixed. Isn’t that super cool! That’s what I call a great mechanic.

On this rainy day, I was wearing

River Island Top
Mango Shorts

Fuzzy Fun

Hi everyone!

My parents are visiting, so I’m busy spending as much time with them as possible. I was showing them the Mall of the Emirates, which is the mall with the indoor ski slope. There I found these fuzzy beauties that you can find here. Love the navy color in velvet. What a catch, right!?

10 Random Things You Didn’t Know About Me

1.) When I was 19, I lived in a church for 3 weeks.
2.) I have a scar on my lip from the time I was 10 and fell off my bike and hit my front tooth in the ground.
3.) I like to ride on crazy roller coasters.
4.) I’m pretty good at all racket sports but I suck at soccer. I’m afraid of the ball and I don’t like when people chase me to catch it.
5.) I have watched Titanic over 25 times.
6.) I ended a date by saying that I had to go home to feed my guinea pigs.
7.) I’ve never had any pets and definitely no guinea pigs.
8.) I don’t drink coffee.
9.) As long as I get a window seat, I can sleep the whole flight.
10.) I’m competitive and I like to compete, but I don’t like losing, especially against my husband.

Closet Organizing

We went to Ikea the other day and bought a new closet. We live in a small apartment with limited space but here is a few images I found on pinterest of beautiful closets with lots of space. Maybe one day I will have a big walk in closet a la Carrie Bradshaw. :)

My new closet will be delivered on the 15th and before that I want to clean out my current closet. Now I thought of sharing some of my organizing techniques with you.

Every now and then I throw out/give away things I don’t use.

My closet is divided into groups, which means I put pants together, tops together, tennis clothes together etc.

I coordinate each group by color. Colors go from light to dark and patterns go behind solid colors.

I don’t put things I have worn back in the closet. If it’s dirty it goes in the laundry bag and if it’s clean I hang it out in the balcony for a while and then back in the closet. That way it just feels fresher.

 If you have any great closet organizing ideas, please share them with me.

Thanks for reading!

Welcome to Miami, Buenvenidos a Miami

Hello darlings,

Before starting to read this text you should put on Will Smith’s  “Miami” to get in the right mood.
So, before telling you more about Cuba, let me tell you a little bit about our Miami trip. We were in Miami for a few days. It was our first time there and we stayed at a hotel called SLS Hotel South Beach. The hotel is stylish, lively and fun with its pool parties and good restaurants and it’s also perfectly located on South Beach with walking distance to the shopping streets, and the beach. As we live by the beach here in Dubai, we didn’t bother spending a day at the beach sun tanning. Instead, we rented bikes and biked down Ocean Drive. Then we strolled around and admired the architecture at the Art Deco district. The weather was great and the sky was gorgeously blue which made it easy to spend the whole day outdoors.

Then the nightlife. Oh man, I understand why Miami is one of the world’s top party destinations. The parties never stop. The town is filled with bars and nightspots and it’s not hard to find a great club to go to. One of my best tips is to go to the club LIV. You wont be disappointed and you might even spot a celebrity or two.

Miami has also a lot of great restaurants and one of our absolute favorite one is Bazi. It’s an Asian-fusion restaurant that opened recently. The chef and owner Michael Pirolo is from Italy and that comes across in a lot of the dishes. I have told you about one of my favorite restaurant, Zuma and I can tell you that the food at Bazi is just as good, and sometimes even better.

I was wearing
Dior Sunnies
Forever 21 Shorts
Samsoe Samsoe body (old). Other nice ones here & here.
Chloé Bag