New Favorites

A few weeks ago I got some belated birthday gifts from two of my dear friends. Ever since, I have fallen in love with some of the products and I wanted to share them with you. They are all from the brand Rituals.

Rituals T’ai Chi Shower Mousse
Have you guys used shower mousse before? Well, I hadn’t. But this product… OMG you really have to try this one. I love everything about it and it’s truly excellent. I don’t even know where to start. Well, the smell of it, let start there. It contains white lotus and green tea and it really smells fantastic. And the plus is that it has a calming effect. The mousse really makes your skin feel soft afterwards.

Rituals Mei Dao Body Cream
Another great product with a lovely smell and great texture which really goes into the skin and is moisturizing.

Rituals Yin Calming Bed and Body Mist
Another product I truly love. I use it at night after I’d showered and then I also spray it on my pillow. It’s great that it can be used on all textiles and it doesn’t stain.
You can of course just use it as a body mist if you don’t like to spray it on your sheets or pillows but I love the refreshing smell of it and it makes me feel relaxed.

Thank you Sepideh and Samira for the great gifts <3

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