White & Pink & Silver

It’s June and Dubai is getting really hot. Couldn’t stand being outside longer than for taking these pictures. So what do you do on a weekend when it’s too hot to be outside?  Well, you can always go to Mall of Emirates.  Since we are going to New York in a few weeks I try not to shop the nice things I have come across, just to save my money for the great shopping there. But I couldn’t stop myself from walking into the Chanel store just to do some window shopping! I looked at a few bags and the guy who worked there asked me if I often shop at Chanel. I wanted to say “Yes, I’m a regular customer”, but since I’m not I just replied that my heart loves to shop here but my wallet doesn’t. He smiled. He was from Sweden, just like me, so we talked a little bit and then said goodbye. I went home with a happy wallet and a longing heart.

I was wearing

Hat bought at Roland Garros

H&M Conscious Collection Exclusive top

Zara shorts

Zara shoes (old)

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