A walk in the park

Greetings from New York!
I have been in New York twice before, but I hadn’t really explored Central Park till today. Wow, what a park. It’s huge and really beautiful. I wouldn’t mind getting lost in it. We couldn’t stay as long as we had planned as it started to rain which you can see on these pictures. :). ¬†But at least this time I got to see more of the Park than I had before. Tomorrow we are leaving for Florida. But I will surely come back here soon.

I was wearing

Mango blazer (now on sale)

Top (old)

Gap shorts

Mulberry bag

Blue like the pool

Dubai is so hot right now that you don’t want to be outside. While outside you don’t want to wear too many clothes or anything that’s too tight. I found these white Zara pants on sale and they are perfect if you want to wear something that’s loose and comfortable and still not look like you are in your PGs.


Happy Independence Day America

Happy Independence day, everyone! Especially to my American friends and family.
I bet you didn’t know that I can fly. I usually fly when I’m too lazy to move my legs. Here are a few pictures of me just before I landed on the ground. ūüėČ

Summer in Dubai equals around 50 degrees Celsius with around 40 % humidity. This is why I try to stay indoors as much as possible. So today we are going to watch a movie. Last week we saw Maleficent with Angelina Jolie. I absolutely loved that movie. Today I think we are going to see Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise.

Have a great day everyone and enjoy your BBQ and make sure to eat a cake like this one . :)

5 Travel Essentials

Hi there,

Next week I’m heading to New York. It’s going to be a loooooong flight, around 16 hours. So, I’ll make sure to have a few things with me, that will make the flight easier.

1) I got Ellen Degeneres book and I really look forward to reading it, ¬†as I’m sure it will make me laugh a lot. The odds of having a fun flight is high with this book.

2) These Bose noise cancelling headphones are the best thing ever. With these high tech headphones you no longer will be bothered by any noise on the plane. I highly recommend these. They are a little bit pricey but they are worth every penny. I promise you won’t regret buying them especially when you are sitting next to a crying baby on the plane :)

3) Chanel Blush with mirror. No explanation needed.

4) I always have a perfume bottle in my bag and to New York I’m bringing ¬†this one from¬†Jo Malone.¬†It’s fruity and fresh and perfect for the summer.

5) The Caudalie face mist. I got it in Paris and it’s really hydrating and refreshing.

Another thing that I always have in my bag when I travel is gum. I sometimes have problem with my left ear because of the air pressure and chewing gum helps a bit.

Summer Nails

 Hello folks,

When it comes to my nails I like to keep them short, nice and neat! Here are a few colors I really like for the season. Yesterday I got the blue one at Sephora from Formula X in the color Provocative. My other favourites are,  from left, top to bottom: Essie in Topless & Barefoot. Erre Due in 51. Essie in Mademoiselle which is perfect as a base coat for French manicure. Essie in Blanc. Chanel in Lilis.

Enjoy your colourful nails this summer. :)