First of July

Happy first of July! Today is the start of my favourite month. July is the month of vacation.  The month when I enjoy life more than usual and do things I normally don’t have time to do. Each year I’ve had the privilege to travel to some new exciting place. Last year we went to New York, Tampa and Tulum. This year I will spend July between Stockholm and Dubai. I haven’t spent summer in Stockholm for a few years now,  so I’m very excited about that. During the summer time, when days and nights become one, Stockholm is definitely the place to be.

I have also promised myself to be more healthy and stay away from too much sugar during July. Having said that I just ate two chocolate pralines. Oops! I’ll do better tomorrow, I promise.

 I did this photo shoot a while ago with two really cool people. It was super fun and now I can show you the result.

I was wearing
Dea Kudibal Dress
Louise Kragh Bracelet
Triwa Sunglasses


Time to get personal!
I have been blogging for a while now and I feel that it’s time for us to get to know each other better. I’m curious to know who you are, what you do and what you enjoy in life. That’s why I’m having my very first Q&A here on the blog. Ask me questions and I will answer them. At the same time let me know a little something about you, like where you live or what your favorite brand is etc. As a thank you I will give this nice candle kit from Oscar de la Renta to one of you guys.
Let’s start! ☺

All About Comfort

Ever since my friends and I came back from Beirut, I have been in this comfy mode, and I just feel like wearing comfortable clothes and not dress up too much. I did dress up for the dinner the other day of course, but other than that I ‘m very much into just being comfortable. That’s why this outfit was a perfect choice when we went to the beach and then out to eat at Ravi (my favorite Pakistani restaurant.) When in Dubai, make sure to check it out.
I was wearing
Acqua Limone Hot Pants College & Bag
Cheap Monday Sunglasses
Zara Shoes

Fine Line(s)

Saturday night! The night of the week that somehow always feels shorter than all the other nights. I guess it’s one more reason to enjoy every second of it even more. It really is a fine line between Saturday night and Sunday morning isn’t it?

I just got back home and it’s time for me to go to sleep. I’m wearing this dress I bought two days ago on sale at Zara. Happy Saturday night everyone! If you are still out dancing, dance some for me too. ☺

A Beautiful Poem

We are the north, south, east, west, the inbetweens, the half-halfs, the quarter-quarter-quarter-quarters.

Continents meet in our tongues. We speak this, we talk that, just what language our dreams are made of nobody knows. We are lost in translation, yet found in subtitles. History streams through our veins, unfolds in our deeds. Blood of our forefathers and forefathers for fathers to be fathers and mothers. Our skin is a map of countries, a relief of encounters, created by love – not war. We are the aerial roots of a Banyan tree, unconnected with the earth, dangling in the air. But it is us who can grow wherever we want, wherever we need to grow. Yes, we are homeless, still, we can turn the no- into an every-where. For what is air, but a no-thing and yet a some-thing, like love, ideas, phantasies, music. Like us.

We are the north, south, east, west, the inbetweens, the half-halfs, the quarter-quarter-quarter-quarters.

Pants & Scarf Dea Kudibal
Top Forever 21 (old)
Bracelets Louise Kragh

Photo: Anders Rajendiram